NFL-301 is a drug candidate for reducing alcohol consumption

An innovative drug

NFL Biosciences’ ambition is to develop the first oral medication based on kudzu extracts to combat excessive alcohol consumption. NFL-301 will differentiate itself from other kudzu-based dietary supplements, in particular through its positioning as a drug that complies with Marketing Authorization (MA) regulations, and its quality control in line with good pharmaceutical practice.

Patent application filed

NFL Biosciences filed a patent application for NFL-301 in July 2023. It aims to protect sustained-release formulations of kudzu extracts, a plant derived from traditional Chinese medicine, and their uses in the treatment of alcohol reduction.

A product derived from Kudzu extracts

NFL Biosciences and its industrial partner Athena Pharmaceutiques have developed a sustained-release form of kudzu extract in the form of microgranules, NFL-301. This innovation offers a prolonged effect, ease of administration and adaptability of dosage compared with capsules or tablets.

Pre-IND Meeting in preparation with the FDA

NFL Biosciences is preparing a pre-IND Meeting for NFL-301 with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the United States to validate the manufacturing process, product quality and development strategy through to Marketing Authorization.