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We are currently developing a botanical treatment from standardized tobacco extract to help smokers win their fight againt nicotine addiction. We have the ambition to apply similar expertise to other addictions, such as cannabis use disorder and alcohol.

NFL Biosciences seeks to help cure major addictions through a breakthrough approach based on botanical pharmaceutical agents.

Our company currently clinically develops NFL-101, a patented, botanical drug candidate that aims at increasing the odds of quitting for smokers willing to quit. 

It was initially developed by the Pasteur Institute in France as an allergenic extract used for the desensitization of tobacco factories' workers suffering from allergies to the manipulation of tobacco leaves. Visit "Our Story" for more information.

There exists vast anecdotal evidence, from more than 10,000 smokers treated off-label in France with the predecessor product developed by the Pasteur Institute, that NFL-101 is safe and efficacious for long term smoking cessation.

A Phase I/II clinical trial confirmed safety and efficacy in smokers willing and trying to quit, in terms of long-term total cessation as well as reduction without compensatory over-smoking. We are launching a multi-country, multi-centric, double blind, placebo controlled 318-patient Phase II(/III) clinical trial.


Our goal is to apply our scientific approach to other drug candidate with an initial focus targeting the growing addiction to cannabis as well as alcohol dependance.

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